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Within the pages of my journal you will find mostly rants and commentary on topics of concern to me. Currently, those would include the illegal occupation of Iraq, human rights, the threat of theocracy, and the U. S. Presidency of Barack Obama.

If these things interest you as well, read on. If you wish to engage in attack debate, simply move on. I won't respond to you. If you are interested in honest debate, and have an open mind, then I welcome you.

Oh, and one more thing. I believe Bush 43 was the worst president ever to hold that office in the history of the United States. I am unashamed of that opinion.

If your actions harm no one, then they are ethical. The reverse is not necessarily true.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood

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Yesterday's events

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New post on my blog: Barbara’s Pagan memorial service

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Barbara crossed the veil this morning

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So much to say, so few words come... I have lost my [livejournal.com profile] lasarina this time around. When I can find a New Orleans jazz band, we will do a proper goodbye. Until then, go here: Barbara crossed the veil

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The hits just keep on coming...

We received the news this evening that Barbara's father passed away in his sleep early this afternoon. Her parents lived in Hot Springs AR. She lost her mother last summer, and due to this long saga was unable to be there for her memorial. Now the same thing is happening with her father.

He was 85 with heart problems and poorly managed diabetes. Nonetheless, he was still able to come here to visit her three times in the last 6 months. This was quite unexpected, and the timing couldn't be much worse.

Note the title of this post. Need I say more?

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In memoriam

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Our dear sweet Flirt. You will be missed. I had no idea diabetes could be an issue for dogs too.

From Pets

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